Incident Handling & Response

​How ready is your organization to respond to a security incident?

Has your organization prepared for different types of security events? Are you able to detect anomalous activity? Do you know what to do in response?

Security incidents can cause data corruption, asset misuse, data leakage, intrusions, denial of service, unauthorized access, compromised systems, identity theft, sexual harassment, stolen equipment, adverse termination, etc. Any of which may pose a negative impact to your organization.

If you do not have an Incident Handling and Response program, Human Element can assist you to create and implement one. Or we can help you assess and improve your existing program.

A good Incident Handling program should begin with a Risk Assessment that defines the most likely high impact scenarios that the organization may face.

For each scenario identified during the Risk Assessment, your organization should define the steps required to prepare, identify, contain, eradicate, recover and learn how to improve for the future.

The program should be carried out by personnel who have received specific Incident Handling training within their respective area of responsibility.

Your program should also be supported by an IT and security management infrastructure that provides tools to support Incident Handling.

And it should be centrally managed by an organization with authority to make timely decisions that impact critical IT operations.

Human Element can help your organization develop a robust Incident Handling capability that will protect critical assets from real threats.

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The initial moments after a security incident can be the most crucial. Mis-steps can result in expansion of the attack, loss of data, even corruption of evidence.

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