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The CISSP® certification is considered the global standard that proves an individual’s proficiency in information security. Shon Harris literally wrote the book on CISSP, selling over 2,000,000 copies of her CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide (McGraw Hill 7th edition). We at Human Element understand it is a great challenge and responsibility to continue what Shon Harris started. To do this we have to care as deeply about what we are doing as Shon did. Shon’s success was due to her innovation, brilliance, and tireless work ethic. It’s quite a standard to live up to but we are up to the challenge. We employ many of Shon’s former colleagues and we believe in what we are doing. We look forward to continuing Shon’s tradition of providing people with the tools and knowledge to defend their critical information assets. Now, Shon Harris’s acclaimed CISSP® 5-day bootcamp is available to you through Human Element. Click here to find a course near you. Register  


About Shon Harris

Shon Harris authored three best-selling CISSP books and was a contributing author to Hacker’s Challenge, Gray Hat Hacking, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Implementation. Shon developed printed and digital products that are published by McGraw-Hill and Pearson. Shon also consulted for several Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., including American Express, Warner Brothers, Bridgestone\Firestone, CitiBank, CitiFinancial, AOL, Cisco and many more. Her competencies ranged from setting up risk management programs and developing enterprise network security architectures to constructing enterprise-wide security programs that connect computer security and business needs in a synergistic manner. Shon had extensive knowledge and practical experience pertaining to legal and regulatory compliance. She worked with the largest corporations within the U.S. to become compliant with OCC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI and SAS70. Shon specialized in risk management, governance and the development of and implementation of security metrics. Shon taught information security to a wide range of clients, some of which included Microsoft, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Security Agency, Bank of America, Defense Information Systems Agency, RSA, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and many financial institutions. Although Shon didn’t like to talk about her accolades, she was recognized as one of the top 25 women in the Information Security field by Information Security Magazine. She was also the recipient of the Information Systems Security Educator’s Association (FISSEA) Educator of the Year Award, the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu Influential Woman of the Year Award, and the Information Systems Security Association International (ISSA) Hall of Fame Award. Shon’s philosophy and approach is what makes her training products so great. Shon felt the information security training experience should be like people sitting around a table discussing their security challenges “over pizza and a hamburger” as she put it. She wanted her training to be conversational, in plain language, and deeply informative. Shon felt strongly that her training should not be purely aimed at passing a certification exam, rather it should be geared towards providing the student with the knowledge and background required to truly understand how to achieve their information security goals.  


Why choose Shon Harris Training

  • •Shon Harris instructors are also professional consultants. This gives each student access to unparalleled expertise and guidance that a purely academic instructor cannot provide. Instead of just preparing you for the exam, we go one step further and prepare you for the duties expected of a CISSP certified professional.
  • •Human Element’s list of high profile clients is unmatched. Corporations come to us for CISSP training because they know our graduates produce results.
  • •All of the Human Element training materials for this certification were hand crafted by Shon Harris, bestselling author of the CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, and updated by colleagues who worked with her and understood her approach. For details about the authors, click here.
  • • The same instructors and consultants who worked with Shon to develop and update the course materials are those who teach the CISSP course for Human Element. Most training companies use courseware written by another company. They employ instructors who know just enough to read the slides and provide an occasional anecdote. Why settle for a training company providing someone else’s curriculum when you can train directly with the best and right from the source?


Show it on your Résumé

Employers know the difference Shon Harris Training makes. We don’t just teach to the test. Students who complete our course develop real-world practical skills that translate to results on the job. Employers know this, so when you list your certifications, be sure to use: CISSP™ by Shon Harris™ (WE’LL NEED SOME TRADEMARK ADVICE AS TO HOW WE CAN SAY THIS WITHOUT VIOLATING ISC2’S TRADEMARK )  


What to expect from Human Element in a CISSP Bootcamp:

Simply expect the best

  • •THE BEST INSTRUCTORS who share real-world scenarios that bring the material to life.
  • •THE BEST COURSEWARE created by Shon Harris and her colleagues that is more engaging and better in pedagogical design than courseware provided by any other author, including (ISC)2.
  • •THE BEST VENUES with natural light, adequate parking, and comfortable seating
  • •THE BEST STUDENT EXPERIENCE from the Student Success Kit you receive to the lemon poppy-seed muffins we serve, our attention to detail is unparalleled.
  • •THE BEST WARRANTY in the industry. If you’re not completely satisfied with the course materials or your instructor by the end of day two of the class, let us know and we’ll send you a full refund.
  • •THE BEST EXAM PASS GUARANTEE: If you do all the assigned work and don’t pass the exam, we’ll design a custom tutoring plan with a senior Information Security consultant to make sure you pass the second time at no additional cost to you. And we won’t quit until you pass the exam, as many times as it takes!
  • •Space is limited, so sign up today! Register  


Class Details

The 5-day Shon Harris CISSP® Bootcamp provides comprehensive training in all 8 domains of the (ISC)2 Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). The curriculum has been designed to meet a stringent set of criteria covering all essential elements necessary for thorough security today. It is targeted to professionals with at least five full years of experience in the information security field (waivers may apply), with direct experience in two or more of the 8 CISSP domains. The CISSP certification is seen as a requirement for many technical, mid-management, and senior management positions in cyber security. The Shon Harris CISSP® course teaches security policy development, secure software development procedures, network vulnerabilities, attack types and corresponding countermeasures, cryptography concepts and their uses, disaster recovery plans and procedures, risk analysis, crucial laws and regulations, forensics, computer crime investigation procedures, physical security, and more. (IS THIS REFLECTIVE OF THE 10 DOMAINS AND SHOULD IT BE MODIFIED?) Further, students will explore the contents and concepts that make up the diverse domains, learning how they work together to provide true in-depth defense. (IS IT OK TO TALK FAVORABLY ABOUT DEFENSE IN-DEPTH?)     For more information click here Register

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