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Enterprise Vulnerability Assessments

Human Element offers a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment service that includes internal, external, telecom and wireless testing as well as physical security assessment. Human Elements provides vulnerability testing using a mix of commercially available and proprietary testing tools. Human Element’s scanning tools are non-invasive – unlike some commercially available scanners, ours do not pose risks to corporate networks. Our Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment serves to identify assets, enumerate them, identify vulnerabilities, and, if you choose, exploit those vulnerabilities to gain access. This testing provides demonstrable proof of security deficiencies and allows for specifically targeted risk remediation activities.


Penetration Testing

While Vulnerability Assessments provide a comprehensive view of enterprise vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing shows how vulnerabilities can be exploited to compromise data or otherwise adversely impact the enterprise or business. Penetration Testing provides you with real examples of how an attacker can exploit system vulnerabilities to gain access, escalate privileges, and ultimately compromise customer or company data. Our team of penetration testers will take advantage of configuration errors, missing patches, and overly accessible services to try to gain remote access to internal systems. The team will also evaluate how deep within the internal network they can penetrate by taking advantage of additional discovered vulnerabilities on internal systems, which can allow external attackers to leap-frog their way from system to system to gain access to more sensitive systems or data.


Network Security Architecture Assessments

Human Element’s Architecture Assessments provide a comprehensive review of your information systems and identifies weaknesses that when misused or exploited, could compromise the protection of your proprietary and/or sensitive data. The purpose of this assessment is to uncover mis-configurations that could introduce vulnerabilities into the environment. Human Element will examine what services and protocols are enabled on ports to verify that only the necessary services are enabled. We review the access controls that are implemented on ports and features. This will include the evaluation of password strength for any connections and features that require credentials. We perform a review of the devices providing security controls at the network boundary. This may include a review of the firewall rule set, border routers, wireless implementation, and intrusion detection system. The result of our review is a risk map that provides a description of the risks associated with traffic within the network.


Application Security Assessments

Human Element has defined and refined a methodology for assessing the security characteristics of applications. Applications that provide remote users access to trusted data stores must be properly secured. Human Element evaluates your implementation to see if proper measures are taken to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access and extract sensitive information. Human Element can then help you adopt and implement application security best practices to ensure that current and future applications are developed and deployed in a manner that protects data and assets. Human Element uses a unique and proven assessment process that combines application architecture and design assessment, code review, manual penetration testing, automated source code analysis, and runtime scanning technologies to efficiently evaluate large and small enterprise applications. Using this combination of automated and manual analysis allows our security engineers to quickly eliminate non-security related functionality and focus on the security mechanisms and potential vulnerabilities.


Regulatory Compliance Assessments

Human Element has assisted private firms and government agencies to address regulatory compliance issues related to their business or operations. Human Element has professionals who are experts in regulatory requirements. We can assess your organization's compliance and help you build your compliance program in support of regulatory drivers including: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Security Program Assessments

Human Element will evaluate your information security program against your threat environment. We’ll review your organizational infrastructure, security policies and procedures, staffing, workforce and workplace to determine how your security program addresses the risks and threats to you and your particular industry and sector.


Human-Based Vulnerability Assessments

Humans are assets too. Just like hardware and software they have to be enumerated and assessed. Human-based vulnerabilities must first be identified before they can be remediated. We'll uncover your human-based vulnerabilities through testing, interviews, observation, and interactive exercises with identified personnel. Read more about our Human-Based Cyber Defense capabilities.

Human Element offers a multi-dimensional vulnerability assessment to identify how the most critical assets might be compromised.



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