Security Solutions

At Human Element we take a holistic approach to security.  From sound security policies to carefully crafted hardening techniques, our inside-out security solutions ensure our clients are protected against the myriad of threats that are present in today’s information-driven business environment.



Risk Governance & Compliance

The challenge of risk management is that a company has an infinite amount of vulnerabilities but a finite amount of resources to address them. Therefore, the vulnerabilities that can cause the company the most harm must take priority. We call this the "alligator closest to the tent" approach.


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Security Assessments and Testing

To gain an understanding of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities and defenses, Human Element offers security assessments at all levels of the enterprise. Our Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Assessment provides a complete picture of your risk profile. Or we can customize an assessment that provides specific examinations of chosen elements of your enterprise or organization.


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Security Enterprise Architecture & Implementation

Human Element can help you implement a complete information security program and architecture tailored to your organization. We can support any or all areas of your information security program:

  • Security program definition, organization and corporate/organizational integration
  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • Security policies, procedures, and documentation
  • Incident response, disaster recovery, and continuity of operations planning
  • Architecture and implementation of security infrastructure and controls
  • Regulatory compliance certification and accreditation
  • Workforce security training, awareness, and security culture development
  • Management and maintenance of the program

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Incident Handling and Response

You've had a security incident - now what do you do? Human Element will help you implement a sound incident handling program following the SANS or NIST 800-61 six-step incident handling model. We'll tailor a program that gives you an evolving capability to respond to security events.


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Human-Based Cyber Defense

From the Art of War: “avoid what is strong and… strike at what is weak.”

Large-scale studies such as IBM’s 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index reveal that 95% of all security breaches are the result of human error.

This is well-understood by today’s cyber attackers, who know that people are the weakest link in cybersecurity.

Most corporations and organizations focus on technical and policy solutions to cybersecurity but do not sufficiently address the root cause of security breaches: human error. Effective cybersecurity requires comprehensive programs that incorporate cyber defense into the core of the workplace. Much as high-risk industries (e.g. mining, electrical, transit, oil) integrate safety into the workplace; and successful manufacturing companies incorporate quality into the workplace; organizations can follow the example of those industries to blend cyber defense into the workplace.


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